Jackrabbit Jade

Photo by Daisy O’Bryan

Jackrabbit Jade, based in Los Angeles, has transformed to more than just a band; it has become an illustrative concept. Their influences ranging from Led Zeppelin and Steely Dan to Amy Winehouse and Tom Waits. Heavily influenced by their desert roots and what it takes to bloom in a desolate, open space… they have honed their style to what they like to call “Desert Rock”. With vocalist/songwriter, Sarah Di Maria Poole and vocalist/guitarist/songwriter, Julian Ward, Jackrabbit Jade creates a unique male/female contrast with a mystical storytelling aspect. Thomas Richetts on bass and Giovanni D’Ambrosio on drums complete the band and create the dynamic sound they are known for. With many of their songs being allegorical stories, they carry an enigmatic message to humanity. Is it reality or illusion? Deception or truth? Is it fear or is it love?

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Live Shows


The Mint                         Aug. 4             Los Angeles, CA   11:45pm
Sofar Sounds                 Jul. 13             Phoenix, AZ   9:30pm
The Redwood Bar        June 22             Los Angeles, CA   10:00pm
Shenanigans Studios  June 2             South Gate, CA   10:30pm
The Redwood Bar       May 29             Los Angeles, CA   10:00pm
Tribal Cafe                    Apr. 7             Los Angeles, CA   10:30pm
The Mint                        Apr. 6             Los Angeles, CA   9:45pm
Molly Malone’s            Mar. 9             Hollywood, CA   10:00pm
The Other Door           Feb. 15             North Hollywood, CA   10:00pm
TRIP Santa Monica      Feb. 9             Santa Monica, CA   10:30pm
The Viper Room           Jan. 18              Hollywood, CA
The Redwood Bar          Jan. 31              Downtown LA 10:30pm
The Redwood Bar          Jan. 24             Downtown LA 9:30pm
Out of the Park Pizza   Jan. 21              Anaheim, CA  8:00pm
The Redwood Bar          Jan. 17              Downtown LA 10:30pm
“All Around Artwalk”  Jan. 12              Elabrew – Dtla  7:30pm
The Redwood Bar          Jan. 10              Downtown LA 10:30pm
The Redwood Bar          Nov. 18             Downtown LA 10:30pm
The Hotel Cafe               Nov. 5               Hollywood, CA    10:00pm
Howl at the Moon         Nov. 2              Universal City, CA  8:30pm
Jimmy’s Place                Oct. 21              Burbank, CA  9:30pm
The Studio Venue            Oct 8                  Burbank, CA 9:00pm
Whisky a Go Go              Sept 24              Los Angeles, CA 9:30pm
Five Star Bar                   Sept 23              Downtown LA  10:45pm
Five Star Bar                     Sept 8                Downtown LA  9:00pm
Crane’s Bar                       Sept 6                Downtown LA  10:30pm
Jimmy’s Place                   Aug 26                Burbank, CA
Frogtown Artwalk           Aug 13                 Elysian Valley, CA
Crane’s Bar                        Aug 9                 Downtown LA
Redwood Room                July 23               Maywood, CA  9:00pm
Crane’s Bar                        July 12              Downtown LA   10:50pm
Five Star Bar                    July 9                Downtown LA   10:30pm
Jimmy’s Place                   July 7               Burbank, CA    9:00pm
Whisky a Go Go               June 5               Los Angeles, CA     10:15pm
The Last Bookstore        May 27              Downtown LA     8:00pm
Five Star Bar                   May 21             Downtown LA        8:00pm
Silverlake Lounge         May 13             Los Angeles, CA     10:45pm
Epic Spaces                      May 5                    Pasadena, CA     5:00pm
Whisky A Go Go              May 4                 Los Angeles, CA     9:30pm